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How to use this forum! (All bettors must read!)

Postby BetITT » June 11th, 2017, 12:15 pm

Every week or so for a particular sport, there will be a general thread where users can comment what bet they want to make and how much they want to wager. For example, User 1 wants to bet on the Warriors -6.5 spread against the Cavaliers for $100. Then another user who wants to take the opposite bet, say User 2, can use the private message feature of the website to message User 1 and exchange each other’s payment information, be it Venmo/PayPal/Bitcoin/etc. (If you receive a private message, you will be automatically notified by email!) Once they have finished their deal via private message, User 1 must edit his comment to add the words "bet confirmed with _____", with _____ denoting the username of the person he is betting with. This is to provide evidence that a bet has taken place and so no more users will message User 1 about the bet. If the terms of trade are different from the original comment, User 1 must edit his comment to reflect that change. Users follow the honor code. If the Warriors cover the spread, User 2 pays User 1 $100. If the Warriors don’t cover, User 1 pays user 2 $100. The user who loses the bet must pay the winner within 24 hours from the time the match ends and/or the bet result is confirmed. If the user who loses the bet doesn’t pay within 24 hours, the user who wins can send a private message to the website administrator "BetITT" or email the website administrator at to have his account banned. To avoid this situation from happening in the first place, find out which users are trustworthy in the "Sports Betting User Review" subforum.

Types of bets
Besides the standard spread, users can also bet moneyline. They can set their own moneyline amounts. For example, User 1 comments he wants to bet the Warriors moneyline at -225 against the Cavaliers for $100. User 2 privately messages him and they strike their deal. If the Warriors win, User 2 pays User 1 $44.44. If the Warriors lose, User 1 pays User 2 $100. Had User 1 commented he wanted to bet the Warriors moneyline at -150, probably no one will take on his bet, so it’s important to not differ too much from Vegas lines/odds. To convert Vegas moneylines to no juice moneylines, please check out this calculator: ... alculator/. Users can even post alternative spreads, like the Warriors -15 spread against the Cavaliers for $100 at +400. Users can also post proposition bets, such as the Warriors will make over 20 3-pointers in the game for $100 at +350. Users have the liberty to create their own parlays too! Be creative! For more esoteric sports and non-sports, there will be a miscellaneous thread.

Recommended bet formatting
Bets formatted this way seem to get the highest response rate:
"Team A vs Team B - Date - Moneyline (+/- odds)
If Team A wins, pay me $X.
If Team B wins, I'll pay you $Y."
"Team A vs Team B - Date - Spread (+/- spread)
If Team A wins by 7 or more, pay me $X.
If not, I'll pay you $X."

Free Bitcoin escrow service
If there is doubt that a user might not pay out a losing bet, the two users involved in a bet can use our free escrow service. Each user sends Bitcoin to BetITT (1LNKJBGcVpWLnZSV5Za36fJ2Q13rhu6mw) the amount he would pay out if he were to lose that bet. After sending Bitcoin to BetITT, each user must send a private message to the website administrator "BetITT". In the subject line of the private message, type "Escrow". In the body of the private message, include your Bitcoin address, which user you are betting against, and what the bet is. The winner of the bet will get the pot (combined BTC sent to BetITT) minus the inherent Bitcoin transaction fee (typically a few dollars). Escrow service is only available for bets with pot size above $500. The two users must send Bitcoin to BetITT within 15 minutes of each other and each user must also send the required private message to BetITT within 15 minutes of sending the Bitcoin or else BetITT will send the money back to each user and the escrow is cancelled.
(For traditional sportsbooks, winning bettors typically get charged a hefty 9.1% vigorish!!! At BetITT, we charge no vigorish at all!)

Do not reply to any comments in this forum, except for in the "Sports Betting Discussion" sticky. Doing so clutters the page.
Having multiple accounts on BetITT is not allowed. Ban dodging will lead to an IP ban.

(Please state your bets clearly and concisely to greatly increase your response rate!)
(It's recommended to include your available payment options in your signature!)
(If you only want to use escrow for your bets, please note that in your signature!)
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