Sports Betting BetITT vs online sportsbooks (which one is right for you?)

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BetITT vs online sportsbooks (which one is right for you?)

Postby BetITT » July 8th, 2017, 4:41 am

I am sure many of you are wondering why you would use BetITT over a more established online sportsbook. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages BetITT has compared to those online sportsbooks.

1) No id verification is required.
2) There is no need to fund your account.
3) None of that vigorish or juice. You cannot win in the long run if you are paying a few percent "fee" per bet. (For traditional sportsbooks, winning bettors typically get charged a hefty 9.1% vigorish!!! At BetITT, we charge no vigorish at all!)
4) Winning bets should receive their payouts via PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, etc within 24 hours. Most online sportsbooks charge a fee for withdrawal and their checks arrive in about 2 weeks from a foreign country.
5) BetITT is a legal American company, not an offshore entity located in Panama, Antigua, etc.

1) It may take a while for someone to take the bet against yours. This effect will diminish the more users we have and the more engaged they become. Thus, do not forget to refer BetITT to your friends!
2) Losers are not legally obligated to pay out losing bets to the winners. This is what makes BetITT legal in America and in many parts of the world where online gambling and sports betting is illegal. However to combat the problem of losers not paying out, BetITT will ban any user who does not pay out a losing bet within 24 hours. BetITT will also ban users with multiple accounts or those suspected of ban dodging. You can also find out which bettors are trustworthy in the "Sports Betting User Review" subforum. Finally, BetITT offers a free Bitcoin escrow service for users who desire a guaranteed payout. Read more about it at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5.

Running through the numbers:
Here, we will show quantitatively why using BetITT allows sports bettors for a higher profit than traditional sportsbooks.
On 7/18/2017 9AM Eastern Time, the moneyline on Bovada for the August 26 boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor is -550 for Floyd and +375 for Conor. The differences in the absolute value of those numbers is the ridiculous juice you implicitly pay for on all traditional sportsbooks, online or not. For example, a bettor bets $1000 on Floyd. If Floyd wins the match, the bettor wins $182.15. If a bettor bets $1000 on Conor and Conor wins the match, he wins $3750.
With BetITT however, since there is no juice, the winning bettor makes more money. In order to convert moneylines with juice to no juice moneylines, one can use this online calculator: ... alculator/. In this case, the no juice moneyline is -402 for Floyd and +402 for Conor. Notice how there is no difference in the absolute value of those numbers. Using the same example as the previous, a bettor bets $1000 on Floyd. If Floyd wins the match, the bettor wins $248.76. If a bettor bets $1000 on Conor and Conor wins the match, he wins $4020. As you can see, the payouts are much higher for the BetITT users than for the Bovada users.
If these numbers still seem confusing to you, just know that you will make roughly $10 more here on a $100 winning bet than you would have made at traditional sportsbooks.

Take this into consideration when you decide where you want to place your sports bets. Thank you.
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